Saturday, October 29, 2011

SororRavn 59/365

Lilith had a Dia de los Muertos concert for orchestra today. While I was waiting for the concert to start, I walked around the arts center to check out everything that was set up. 
The top left is a bride and groom set that I fell in love with. If I had $65 to spare, they would have come home with me! 
The top right is two ladies that were doing face painting. The lady on the left, her face and chest is all done in face paint! It was even more fantastic in person.
The bottom left is a skeleton that was set up at one of the vendor tables and the bottom right is a puppy that was at another table. 
Inside the orchestra hall, they had set up a Dia de los Muertos altar contest with the entries on display. They had a volunteer hovering in the room or I would have taken some pictures of them because they were absolutely beautiful. Third place was one dedicated to Steve Jobs and the decorations were almost entirely green apples! 
The concert was amazing and all of the kids did a good job. If you want to see footage from the concert, I will be posting it on my youtube page at

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