Wednesday, October 12, 2011

SororRavn 41/365

I have been in wedding planning mode the last couple of days. I was posting links to dresses and shoes to facebook. These are the bridesmaids dresses and shoes. My youngest sister WAS going to be one of my bridesmaids. Now, I am an open minded person and could really care less about what you look like, who you sleep with, or who you worship. As long as you treat me well and with respect, I will offer the same to you. However, there is one piercing that I absolutely fucking hate and that is the septum piercing. The one that is not on the nostril but hangs down from the middle of the nose. My sister has this piercing. As she was supposed to be one of the bridesmaids, I asked her to hide that ONE piercing for the length of the ceremony as well as for the pictures. She bitched about that and claims that I am making her hide who she really is! Honestly?? I am NOT asking her to hide the stupid fucking "hatchetman" tattoo on her leg, I am NOT requiring her hair be styled a specific way, I am NOT saying that her hair has to be a natural color, I am NOT saying that she has to remove any other piercings! I am asking her to shove ONE fucking piercing inside her fucking nose during the wedding! She does not even have to take the stupid thing out, just hide it! She then decided to bitch about the dress that I picked out for the bridesmaids and MOH as well as the shoes! Honestly, it is MY fucking wedding! I don't think that I am being terribly fucking bridezilla here for asking her to hide it for me! I feel like all I am asking her to do is show up, be happy for me, wear a dress and shoes, and hide her nose piercing. Do you ladies think that I am asking too much? /rant

So, I asked my girlfriend Helene to take her place and she accepted! Yay!

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