Saturday, January 23, 2010


I just started playing this game yesterday. So far, I think that I am going to like it. I then found out that my mother frikkin plays this game! I am probably more excited about that than I should be but I gotta admit that it is pretty cool. LOL.

Other than that, life kinda sucks right now. I am about to go crazy with this whole pregnancy thing. I am sooooo ready to have this baby because she is making me terribly uncomfortable. She likes to stretch so that she is up in my ribs and I feel like I am going to have a perma-bruise by the time she is done. Not only that but it hurts to walk because my pubic bone on the left hand side hurts anytime that I walk on it. I ended up having to get a maternity belt. It is uncomfortable and moves and rides up on me but it helps with some of the pressure.

On the job front, I am back to looking for work again. Just a couple of weeks ago, they told us that the contract was extended for another 90 days until May 1st. Yesterday, we were notified that the contract ended today (Saturday). My final paycheck for this contract is only for like 16 hours. It totally sucks. At this point, looking for work is not going to be easy because I am obviously pregnant and no one wants to hire a chick who is not going to be there for very long.

Well, that is all for tonight. Hope that you are having a great year and if anyone out there knows of anyone that is hiring, drop me a line or comment please. Thanks!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Twice, in the butt.....

I had to go to the doctor today. If you follow me on either Facebook or Twitter, you already know that I despise going to the doctor. Add to this fact that I do not like getting shots and today royally sucked. I am part of a minority when it comes to blood types in that I am actually Rh-. Only about 15% of people are Rh- so I have to get a shot called Rogam just in case the baby is actually Rh+. Now, normally this would not be too bad except that the plastic part of the syringe broke off AFTER she stuck me the first time and so had to stick me again! This makes me a very sad panda with a hurt butt. Afterwards, I went to get ice cream, it was nummy!

Cotton candy ice cream with gummi bears in a waffle cone with sprinkles. I am not sure how much more awesome you could put into ice cream. ^_^ It was total win!

Anywhoo, back to the baby. Heartbeat is good and strong, I only gained 2 pounds in the last month so not bad at all. My stomach is measuring at 30 cm right now which is a little on the big side but not by much. I can actually see her moving in there now, which is a little creepy but kinda cool in an Alien sort of way, LOL.

I guess that is all for now.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Under blue moon, I saw you

Hey guys, sorry about the whole, not regularly updating thing. It has been kinda hectic lately.

First things first, I am having a girl, due March 26th. Feeling VERY pregnant lately and ready to pop. Emotions have been way haywire and I am pretty sure that I am driving everyone batty! I swear to Bob that I cry at the smallest thing, get enraged at the stupidest shit, and then the next second, I am totally calm and OK. I know it is driving me crazy. I siriusly went into tears the other day because none of my bras fit any longer. My boobs have gotten larger and I am pretty sure that soon I will be in a DD cup. While they look amazing right now, I really do not want them any frikkin bigger!

Work is work, I am hoping that there will be some home based positions opening up and I will be offered one of them. If not, it is not going to be easy for me to find something right now because I am showing pretty significantly at this point.

The kids are doing pretty good. We had a good Christmas, even though I had to work part of the day. Lilith got a phone that has a built in mp3 player and Isis got an mp3 player herself. They are both loving them and I am glad that I was able to get them. Lilith is loving the fact that she can text, take pictures, and send them to other people. Isis is loving the fact that she can listen to music whenever she wants to without bothering anyone else. She has taken to listening to it at night when she goes to bed. ^_^

About a week before Christmas, my cousin Rose had a baby. Normally this would have been a joyous occasion but the baby was about 4 months premature so we were all very concerned and worried about her. Unfortunately, all the love and medical care in the world was not enough to save the baby and she passed away on New Year's Eve. Bailey ended up with a brain bleed on each side of her brain and I think that is what eventually killed her. My thoughts go out to my cousin, her husband, their other child and the rest of the family during this time.

Not to be one to leave you guys on such a sad note, I would like to share some reviews on some of the television and movies that I have been watching lately.
Currently, I have three days off each week so I am catching up on some television shows that have been recommended as well as some movies that I have been wanting to see. I just finished season 2 of Supernatural. Decent show, I have really gotten into it. It is nice to see that the creators of the show actually did their research on demons, angels, and other mystical creatures instead of throwing some shit together and calling it good.
On the high recommendation of my brother (thanks Anthony), I have also started watching Dexter. Finishing up season 1 today and starting on season 2. I must say that this show blows me away with just the first season. Not to mention, the opening is just fucking disturbing. If you have not seen this series, go watch it now, even if it is just the intro to the show. Try to tell me after watching the first few episodes that you are not hooked!

Well, I guess that is it for now. Besides, the songs that I decided to listen to while typing this has come to an end and so I bid you adieu.


PS: The killing moon will come too soon