Friday, April 29, 2011

SororRavn 241/365

Looking at houses today. Our management company has decided to not give us the option of renewing our lease due to the legal issues from when we first moved in regarding the yards so we are on the prowl for something until we are ready to buy. blah

SororRavn 240/365

Sleepy baby. I went and saw an old friend of mine that I have not seen since before Baduhenna was born. I am so glad that I went out there. I have missed her. This is Baduhenna passed out in the van on our way to go see her. 

SororRavn 239/365

My niece, Annie Bananni

Saturday, April 23, 2011

SororRavn 234/365

Took Lilith to the dr today for a check up. She goes again in a couple of months to get her HPV shot.

SororRavn 233/365

We went to the AZ Museum of Natural History today. Here is Orion next to a fossilized dinosaur femur.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

SororRavn 232/365

Orion's mom had her baby today so I took him to the hospital to meet his new sister, Paige Rose. He was definitely less afraid to hold her than he was with Baduhenna. 

SororRavn 231/365

Check out what I pulled up behind today on my way to go get the kids from school.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

SororRavn 228/365

Trying to help my MIL sell her organ. Checked at a music store last night and this thing goes for about $8000 easily since it is now a collectors item!

SororRavn 227/365

This is one of my friends named John. We just recently got back in touch with one another through Facebook. We went out tonight to have a going away party for him at the bar. He has been through so much and is finally putting himself back together. He is so much happier now and I am so very fucking glad that he chose to keep me around because I love this guy. I am gonna miss the hell out of him but you can bet your sweet ass if I am ever anywhere near Kansas, I'll be showing up on his doorstep!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

SororRavn 226/365

We are tentatively looking at buying a house. Found this one today that is foreclosed. Beautiful neighborhood and house.

SororRavn 225/365

SororRavn 224/365

Orion in his ninja costume that he made at school

SororRavn 223/365

The van had another issue with the tranny again today. Fortunately it was just a gasket leaking and it was covered by the warranty. In the mean time, this was the loaner I had to drive. The guys at the shop are fucking awesome!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

SororRavn 222/365

After an awesome day yesterday and nerding out with Dylan and a couple of friends last night for my birthday (no kids since my girlfriend was fucking sweet enough to take them all for the night!) I spent a good portion of today getting back into and playing for EverQuest 2.

SororRavn 221/365

Dylan participated in the AvNet Tech Games today. It is a technology competition with robotics, computers, and networking that engineering and computer sciences students participate in every year. The winners earn scholarships to help pay for their education. Here is Dylan and his partner sitting one of the computers that they were attempting to tweak to run faster. However, the power supply failed on them and apparently there were sparks!

SororRavn 220/365

Today I turned 31 and the best fucking present I got was a copy of the original series of my favorite anime, FullMetal Alchemist! 

Friday, April 8, 2011

SororRavn 219/365

Tonight was Orion and Nu-Isis's concert for school. They did a "Rock thru the Ages" theme. Nu-Isis did the late 60's and was a hippie, Orion did the early 60's and was one of the Beatles. He reminded me of John Lennon with his shaggy hair and glasses!

SororRavn 218/365

I'm not listening!

SororRavn 217/365

I just adore this picture of my girls