Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 1

Walking today. I ended up walking 2.2 miles total to the grocery store and back. Felt good and am glad that I did it. I love the fact that I have this nifty little My Tracks app on my phone that I can actually use to track just how far I am walking as well as the path that I am using. When I got back home, my entire body tingled with that rush of endorphins and I felt great! This quickly wore off when I realized that I could not get back to sleep! Folks, I work overnights and I am currently doing what I can to stay awake right now. I have recently cut all soda from my diet in an effort to lose weight as well. I am drinking tea in order to keep my caffeine intake normal. I am hoping to ween myself off of caffeine entirely within a short period of time. I have also recently quit smoking and am finding that it is so much easier to breathe. I am really enjoying trying to get healthy. Next thing to go while I diet, my beloved chocolate!