Friday, August 27, 2010

Slugbug - no slugbacks!

Found this picture today while mindlessly browsing around on the interwebz and thought that I would share it with you


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to school

On the homefront: Things are quieting down some. It is usually just myself and the baby chilling at home while the kids are in school. I have had one sick kid everyday since Friday and now they have gotten me sick ; _ ; Baduhenna has been cranky as fuck as she has apparently been cutting her first tooth which broke through the gum yesterday!
In education news: The kids started back to school on the 11th. Nu-Isis and Orion are going to a charter school this year. Orion is in 2nd grade and taking class in "the dungeon." Isis is in the 4th grade and her class is a mixture of 4th and 5th graders. Lilith is in public school for one more year until I can get her into a performing arts school next year. We went this past weekend and got her a brand new violin. My dad opted to buy her own instead of renting it as he feels that if a kid has an instrument of her own, they are more likely to care for it better.
Unfortunately, I am not going to be going back to school this semester due to not getting everything together and not being able to get to the school in time for the fall semester to start.
Dylan started his fall semester this week. He is taking a buttload of hours this term.
In nutritional news: I have taken up yoga again. I have been doing Namaste yoga and really liking it. I am also starting a diet today. Not really anything fancy, just limiting my calorie intake and doing some light exercise to burn off additional calories.
Anyhoo, that is really it for now.