Wednesday, November 23, 2011

SororRavn 84/365

Lilith (12) had a friend come up to her today and said that he needed to speak with me. He has not gotten the chance to talk with me b/c Lilith said no since I was taking another of her girlfriends home. Come to find out, this boy, a good friend of hers, wanted to ask ME if he could ask her out! This is new territory for me and I need some advice. Now, I know this little boy and think that he is a good kid. Lilith and he became friends last year because he had a crush on her. I have told her that if she wants to be his girlfriend, I am ok with this. I have made it clear that there is to be no physical contact other than kisses (pecks) and hand holding. I am freaking out just a tad because this means that my oldest baby is growing up!
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