Friday, November 18, 2011

SororRavn 78/365

This is about how I felt last night. MIL bought a new router to set up at her house. I told this woman NOT TO DO ANYTHING until I called her after getting home with the kids so that I could help her get it set up. (she is extremely computer illiterate) What did she do? She started setting it up anyways and totally FUBAR'd what I had planned on doing for her by running the god-damned disk that came with it. It made changes to her PC and now she cannot get online at all. I am so pissed! She got mad at me for not answering the phone the first time that she called. However, I did not realize that she was the one calling. Plus, I was NOT home yet. I explained that I would not be home until about 4:30 due to the fact that I was dropping another kid off all this week after school. Now, instead of having it all up and running so that I can go over there on Thanksgiving and show her how to use her new tablet, we are going to have to FIX it and then show her how to use the new tablet. GRRRRRRR!
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