Sunday, November 6, 2011

SororRavn 66/365

Anthony messaged me on Friday to invite me out for dinner tonight. He usually ends up hitting me up when I am broke >.< so we try to make it so he pays one time and then I pay the next time. Tonight, we hit up Red Robin. I have never eaten there but it was pretty good. Decent burger, good fries, and freaking bottomless root beer floats! Made with Barq's root beer! I really dig on root beer but Barq's is by far my favorite. The only thing that sucked about the night was that our waitress was piss poor and really did not seem interested in doing her job. It took us asking ANOTHER waiter for something to get what we needed to eat. I really hope that things start to settle down for him at home tho. Things have been crazy and apparently I am a get away from the norm. LOL

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