Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Today starts Year 3 of Envisage! I gotta admit, I loved this project. This year will be my second year participating and I am excited to get started. Over the past year, so much has changed in my life that it was nice to be able to document some of the things that have happened. I regained custody of my two oldest girls, met a wonderful guy and his son and had another baby! Literally, in a year, I went from it just being me in my house to having me plus five! We moved from an apartment into a house and introduced the newest members of the family to my folks and Granny. I have met some really awesome people, through this project and IRL. I just want to say thanks to all the ladies of Envisage who have allowed me a peak into their lives and have taken a peak into my own journey. This year is looking like it is going to shape up into a helluva year!
ps: you can find my pictures at under the tag soror ravn

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