Monday, May 17, 2010

It was fun in the beginning.....

Now it is really starting to drain me.
In housing news: I am really tired of the stress that comes from apartment hunting. I am just trying to find a simple 3 bedroom apartment or house so that we can all fit comfortably and am having almost no luck. I am really hoping that the place that I called about on Friday is a go. *crosses fingers*
I was really hoping to get some housework done today but spent most of the day searching for a new place.
In health related news: I went to the doctor on Friday as well. Plumbing is in good shape and I got a script for birth control! w00t! On the 24th, I go back in to have the Essure procedure completed. Irreversible, permanent birth control FTW!! Once it is completed, I have to stay on the pill for 3 months and then no more worries. I really like this procedure better than having my tubes tied as there is no need to cut me open. It is a totally outpatient procedure done under light sedation with no cutting! No cutting means less recoup time! YAY!!!!! If you want to learn more, feel free to ask me or check out the website.
In academic news: The kids are doing well at school. Lilith was just awarded a medal and certificate for Academic Night at her school. My nerdy baby made the principal's honor roll all year long by making straight A's all year! Nu-Isis was recommended for Mesa's Extended Learning Program (ELP) AKA the gifted program! This little nerd is being tested today to see if she is able to join the gifted program for the district for the next year!
For the mothers out there: Baduhenna is now weighing in at almost 12 pounds! She is a little oinker! We finally got her a swing yesterday and it is handy, let me tell you. I was actually able to eat lunch today without her on my lap.

Well, that is the news report for today.

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