Sunday, January 1, 2012

SororRavn 122/365

These two ladies are two of my very best girlfriends. I have never
been the kind of girl who really had close girlfriends. I tend to find
the cattiness and drama that goes along with many women my own age
(especially when I was younger) to be draining, tiresome, and just
plain bullshit. However, I gotta say, I love these women. They are my
sisters through and through. I can talk to them about anything and
they know that they can do the same with me. The gal in the middle is
Stephanie, she is the matron of honor in my wedding. The gal on the
right is Helene. She was going to be one of my bridesmaids when my
youngest sister decided to step down. However, I just found out that
Helene is getting ready to move to fucking Missouri! She and her
family are moving by March at the latest. Her husband is leaving in
about a week to get work and start getting things ready for them to
come out. This is upsetting and I totally broke down in tears Friday
when I found out. I really hate that they are moving but I totally
understand the reasons. I just wish it was not happening. /sad panda
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