Friday, October 22, 2010

Twilight movie review

In the interest of full disclosure, I am not a fan of Stephanie Meyer or the Twilight series. I watched the movies because my daughter, Lilith, has decided to read New Moon and I wanted to verify that there is no graphic or gratuitous violence or nudity/sex. I did attempt to read the novel that she brought home but was unable to really get into the book and read it. I knew that it would take me too long to read it this way and so I took a short cut. I went into watching the movies with as unbiased opinion that I was able to muster. Here is what I think of the series so far.....

Overall, this had the makings of a fairly good vampire romance series. It seems to me to be the little things that just irked me and turned my opinion against the series. 

1) Rob Pattinson was waaaaay cuter in Harry Potter: The Golet of Fire. In Twilight, I just wanted to give him a basket of toiletries and tell him to go take a shower! Honestly, how can you be a "heart throb" if you look like you never bathe?
2) Since when did vampires have reflections?? They are in a ballet school and there are mirrors everywhere with a reflection of the vampires in each one of them.
3) Edward shows up in her room. This happens before they started dating and therefore she would not have been able to give him permission to enter. The movie plays it off as a dream but leaves you wondering if he was really there.
4)They don't just sparkle, they LIGHT UP like a damned geode or crystal when the sunlight hits them! Honestly, it was beyond stupid. Sparkling like you have a light dusting of glitter: kinda dumb but still acceptable. Lighting up like a frikkin Christmas tree?? Go die in a fire!

On to the acting:

1) Kristen Stewart seems to be an underwhelming actress at best. She does not seem to have any range of emotion here. Her one major emotion in the films seems to be N/A.
2) Rob Pattinson has no emotion either, unless you consider mildly brooding to be an emotion. The few times in the films that he did smile were far apart. He really does have an amazing smile and should have been able to use it more. I realize that vampires are supposed tobe all dark and stuff but it would not have hurt to allow a little humor into the story. 
3) Taylor Lautner: Really?? At best, his character seems genuinely concerned for Bella. At worst, he just seems like a typical jock who just wants to get in her pants.
4) The only two people in the whole series who came off as real to me were Charlie (her father) and Alice (another vampire). Both of the actors seemed to be 3 dimensional and brought a nice change of pace to an otherwise lackluster series. 
5) On the whole, the acting seemed rather stilted and forced. There did not seem to be any naturalness in the interactions between the actors. It seemed to me that the actors may have been too overwhelmed by the hype and popularity of the novels in order to make a smoothly moving movie series.

Anyways, that is just my opinion. I will allow my daughter to read the novel as there was not anything that I was specifically looking for in the movies as far as violence and sex is concerned. While I will never say that it is a good series, I am not going to limit my daughter on what she can read this time.

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